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To Whom It May Concern:
Posted 7/29/99

Please feel free to print this page and mail it to anyone you may know who does not have computer access, and who may be interested in the announcement.

Hello. For those of you who may not know, my name is Temy R. Beal. I am the former editor of the newsletter The Alabama Freethinker (TAF), which was the newsletter of the Alabama Freethought Association (AFA).
AFA has made the decision to discontinue TAF - there will no longer be a group newsletter. It is my understanding that the main reason for this decision was the cost involved. I had originally thought to leave the announcement of this fact to the AFA director, but on second thought, I realized that everyone who had subscribed to TAF had dealt with me personally as the editor, several of you are continuing to send me material for possible inclusion in TAF, and I felt I owed it to readers to make the announcement myself, and to offer my apologies.

A commercial announcement follows. If you are averse to such announcements please read no further.

I am working hard on creating my own publication that I call SOAR.
Please note that SOAR is entirely MY OWN PERSONAL PROJECT and is not affiliated in any way or supported by any group or organization.
The premier issue should be ready to mail by August 7, 1999. I plan it to be a small monthly magazine (approximately 16 - 20 pages) of articles, letters, humor, poetry and information of all sorts that may be of interest to the person who considers him or her self to be a freethinker. My definition of "freethinker" is as follows:
"One who applies critical thinking and logic to all areas of human experience; rejects supernatural and authoritarian beliefs; values rational and scientific inquiry, individual freedom and responsibility, and recognizes the need for tolerance and cooperation."
You do not necessarily have to fit this definition to read the publication but it would probably help. I intend SOAR to be an unusual magazine which will combine articles and items of fact, with the personal opinions of any readers who care to offer comment. There will be NO TOPIC that is off limits in SOAR. If you have an opinion on any of the issues of the day, the "BIG Questions" of life, religion, politics, economics, sexuality, etc., and are willing to share it with others, send it in. Please check the editorial policy which will appear in the first issue (and probably others) before sending in material.
Please understand that SOAR will succeed or fail based entirely on the reponse it gets from the public. I would gladly offer it free of charge if I were able, but I am very poor and cannot afford to do so. This is NOT an attempt to make money for myself. I only hope to get enough subscription money to cover the actual costs of production and distribution, which will include copying, paper, ink, and of course, postage.
Also, although SOAR will never intentionally offend anyone, some issues MAY contain language and/or graphic images which some people may find offensive. If you are easily offended you probably should refrain from reading it.
My purpose in publishing SOAR is to offer all those interested a CIVIL forum in which to teach, learn, express opinion, and generally to foster more communication between people. I will certainly welcome and carefully consider all reader input.
If you are interested in receiving the first issue of SOAR please let me know. You may either send me $2 (US funds only) for the first issue, or if you prefer, and think you will like it, you may order a one year subscription (12 issues) for $20. Please make all checks or money orders payable to Temy R. Beal. Please send cash, check or money order (and be sure to include your name and postal address) to:

SOAR/Temy R. Beal
P.O. Box 447
Ariton, Alabama 36311-0447