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First, I will give a list of websites where you can go to read, like LOC, freebooks istes, and then list of (Cheap) booksellers.
In the big table list freethought Books and Fiction
Last updated 07/15/07

FREE reading!

Library of Congress
Very good source of current info on religion in society stuff.

The Secular Web justifies the existence of the Internet! There is no better place to begin your REAL education.

[American Atheist magazine]
A Journal of Atheist News and Thought.


The search engine I had here apparently went defunct. So I replaced it with three others. This one is fairly self-explanatory. Use it to find web sites or read their publication Live It!, etc. Both will open a new window.

Search the Bible

This one allows you to search the Bible by word, topic, etc., AND compare passages in several different versions. The whole names of the versions are at the site. You also see the Greek and Hebrew words. Very cool for anyone doing this kind of research. And one of MY favorites; The

Atheist/Freethought Stuff

Pro Religion Stuff

Alabama Freethought Association (AFA):
The Alabama Chapter of FFRF.
Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF):
Main focus is separation of church and state.
Publishes Freethought Today, books, music.
Stand to Reason:
One of the better Christian apologetics sites.
Atheists for Jesus:
Yeah, you read it right! Beautiful site, but sheesh!
Atlanta Freethought Society (AFS):
The AFS is an excellent and activist group and works well with AFA.
Rationalists of East Tennessee:
Very good newsletter called Reality Check.
Heaven's Gate:
If you didn't get to see the site that all the fuss was about, here's a mirror of it.
The Happy Heretic:
Judith Hayes - one of the best freethought writers.
Creator's Rights Party:
This site had the infamous "Nuremberg Files." I'm hoping the site comes back. See my note on this HERE.
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic:
I put this on the pro-religion side because many biblical scholars signed a protest of the Library of Congress having this rather misleading section.
Freethought Quotes:
Probably the single largest such listing.
Bible Gateway:
Where to check passages in different versions, etc.
Skeptics Society:
Are you skeptical?
The Christian Coalition:
Part of Pat Robertson's attempt to run the country.
Religious Movements:
Information on a large A to Z listing of religious movements.
Family Research Council:
Skeptic Tank:
Thousands of skeptic files.
Eagle Forum:
Phyllis Schlafly
Separation of Church & State Homepage:
Information on the Treaty of Tripoli, etc.
American Center for Law and Justice:
Pat Robertson's answer to the ACLU.
Freethinker's Homepage:
More info on Tripoli Treaty, etc.
Focus on the Family:
James Dobson's outfit.
Atheists for Jesus:
Yeah, you read it right! Beautiful site, but sheesh!
The Rutherford Institute:
"Dedicated to the defense of civil liberties and human rights"
Yeah, but only if you're the "right" religion.
Operation Clambake:
Fighting Scientology on the web. Scientologists don't want you to see this.
I Can't Reason Cult:
Opinions on the Institute for Creation Research.
Institute for Creation Research (ICR):
This group is largely responsible for trying to get equal time for "creation science" in schools.

Links to some weird sites including wacky Christians, Satanists, racists, etc.
The "other" Hatewatch!:
The view from the other side.
Faith and Reason on PBS:
Lots of faith, not a lot of reason!
A Hemp Site:
Learn about hemp here.
Mind Uploading Home Page:
Want to learn about the possibilities of REAL immortality, as opposed to religious mythology? Try this.
My infoseek site:
Just started. They claim UNLIMITED web space for your home page - FREE!
Theory of how thought patterns spread through a culture like a virus.
America's REAL Religion:
What did the founders really believe?
Circle People:
Essentially the online version of "Square Talk," a paper started by Ken Forbes of Birmingham. Seems to be now mainly for the wishy-washy on religion. Submit an article or LTE.
My Place

popopopopopopo These are books I like: Losing Faith in Faith