My Dream

Let me tell you a story. When I was 17 years old, one night I went into my room and went to bed. Shortly, there appeared from out of nowhere, just a few steps from my bed, a feminine, angelic being. Though I couldn't make out any specific facial features, I simply "knew" she was female. She hovered about a foot off the floor and her whole body radiated a soft white glow, as though she were a GE soft white light bulb. She wore long white gossamer robes which had the same glow, and which fluttered as though a stiff breeze were blowing. I was a bit startled but my surprise and curiosity overcame any fear. She told me to come over to her and I got out of bed and walked over to where she was hovering. When I turned around and faced the bed I was alarmed to see my body still lying there, and yet I was over here too and had another body. She assured me it was all right and I was not to worry, so I didn't worry any more about it. She said she wanted to show me something and took my hand in hers. Her hand was small and soft but strong. She said I was to come with her and she began slowly ascending toward the ceiling. I balked at that thinking I couldn't go through a ceiling. She continued and I looked down at my feet and was amazed to see that they were no longer touching the floor.

She smiled and I felt the smile in my mind. It suddenly occurred to me that she had never actually spoken in the usual way, but she was communicating with me telepathically. When she wanted to say something to me, she simply thought it and I heard the words, not with my ears, but inside my head. It's difficult to describe, but I also realized that I could know her intent or emotion in the same way, even without the words. When I balked at going through the ceiling and she smiled, I felt a warmth radiate through my body and I understood that her smile at my naiveté created the warm feeling in me. I also realized that I was communicating my thoughts to her via telepathy without even trying, because I had no idea how to try.

I agreed to go with her but I still ducked my head as it approached the ceiling. Then, to my amazement, I found myself passing effortlessly through the plywood. I was surprised when many years later I saw the movie "GHOST" with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. The depiction of Swayze passing through doors was exactly like my experience of passing through the ceiling. There was the musty smell of the attic, then we passed through the tin roof. There was a sort of crunching sound when we went through the plywood ceiling, but passing through the tin roof had a ringing sound.

When we cleared the house and rose to about treetop level, I suddenly realized I was cold. It was the middle of a late autumn night in northwest Georgia and I was wearing only my pajamas. The moment I realized I was cold, I was enveloped in what seemed to be a small cloud of warm air. She assured me I could move around as I wanted but cautioned me to stay close to her. She let go of me and I found myself floating 50 feet or so off the ground with no support at all. I wondered what would happen if I went up further and instantly the earth receded from me at blinding speed, though I had no sensation of movement. It was just as though I had remained still and the earth had suddenly sped away. I was a bit startled but found that she was right with me and we were now so far out that we could see the earth and moon together. I wanted to immediately go everywhere and see everything. I found myself zipping along through the galaxy, with my guide, zigzagging between solar systems as easily as a downhill skier negotiating slalom poles. Time and distance were not relevant.

I wondered if I could see what a sun was like inside and was assured it was okay. I dove into a huge yellow one to check it out. I was completely engulfed in an incredible amount of light, though I felt no heat and the light didn't hurt my eyes. There was a roar like a thousand freight trains speeding all around me, and the sound and light actually seemed to be a part of one, but there was no discomfort.

I saw worlds of every possible description. Some were tiny, airless and barren; others were huge and had no more solidity than a cloud. They appeared to be a collection of jewels of every color, strewn along a black carpet. Occasionally I would sense living things on one. Once I tried to descend to one to look at it up close but was told that it was forbidden. I was disappointed but accepted that and continued on with her. Eventually, she returned me to my house, back down through the roof and ceiling. She gave me that warming smile again and said I should remember this. I felt the cold linoleum under my feet. Then I walked over and lay back down into my body. She said good-bye, ascended through the ceiling and was gone. The next memory I have is of waking up with the sun shining in my face. The first thing I did was look over to see if she was there. No one was there. I was pretty sure it was a dream but I got up and went over and stood in the spot where I had been in the dream. I raised my finger and poked at the plywood ceiling hoping, willing it to pass through, but it did not.