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Total Number of Guests 22 The Learning Place Record 22 Name: pIrO Website: brn in pIrOz BBQ hel hol Referred by: From a Friend From: Canada Time: 1999-08-04 04:53:19 Comments: TV's God and TV's fake, but so is the life you take. Lick the knife that slit the goat, :-) the cat on Noas boat. hear the swinging of a rope, turn around, a dead pope. alphabets of genetics, build with perfect phonetics. wasting time in your seat, kissing gods fake bunion feet. lick a toe, take a wiff, your whole life is just a myth. everyone is dead but me, On your grave I'll pee. everyone is dead but me, open heavens gate and flee. [third section of the song "Dark Earth" by pIrO (myself)] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record 21 Name: Bill Jager Website: Alaska Images Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Alaska ~ I still call Alaska home Time: 1999-06-21 19:01:45 Comments: You have a beautiful web site, great graphics, great music and plenty food for thought. I am taking the liberty of adding your web site to my "Interesting Links" section on my own site. Thank you for a beautiful web site. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record 20 Name: Ken DeVaughn Website: Ken's Corner Referred by: From a Web Ring From: Clanton, Alabama Time: 1999-06-18 04:34:07 Comments: I looked in on the Alabama Freethought Association to see what they had posted about the current idiocy in the Senate about the Decalogue and decided to join. I found your page there and visited. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record 19 Name: D.Hardy Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Canada Time: 1999-05-12 22:40:20 Comments: Private!!! -Click to View- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record 18 Name: B.W. Holmes Website: Reasoned Spirituality Referred by: Viewing another Guestbook From: Time: 1999-03-22 02:56:14 Comments: Interesting homepage; I've enjoyed reading your text. Hope your page continues to grow in size and content. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record 17 Name: Sabone Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Fort Smith AR Time: 1999-03-19 17:15:41 Comments: Dear Atheist Preacher, Please excuse my mis-spelling I'm very ignorant. But my heart can bare witness that I'm beleive in God. I'm very sorry you had a bad experience in the Church. Faith is something you can't see. Man has a nature that relys on things that have to be evident in things that he can see. I don't know what happened to you in Church, but I can assure that there is a God due to the fact my spirit bares witness with His Spirit. I don't "feel" like worshipping God all the time, but my heart tells me to, and I will go into the House of the LORD and praise His Name. Glory be to Him!!! You know there is a God, because you try to disprove Him. Don't make since. Sabone -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record 16 Name: Dante Website: Dante's Writer's Block Referred by: Tripod From: Florida by way of Houston by way of Rhode Island Time: 1999-02-21 15:18:20 Comments: excellent page... very thought provoking. I found you because I am a member of the A+A pod at Tripod. You're doing what I hope to be doing soon in a section of my own site. Congrats on best of pod! Dante -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record 15 Name: Stan and Jamie Website: Lessons they Wouldn't Teach you in Sunday School Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: USA Time: 1999-02-03 20:04:04 Comments: What a wonderful page your is. We certainly have not gone through it in depth yet, but will make it a note to do so. We will also consider linking up if that's okay. As to whether atheism is a religion, yes, we consider it so. Should agnostic organisations get tax breaks? You bet. We always found it interesting that the atheist folks knew their bibles better than the Christians! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record 14 Name: Lynne Website: The Godlessheathen Home Page Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: USA Time: 1999-01-29 05:02:47 Comments: Actually, I found you through the nogods list. Nice site. I have a poem by Matthew Arnold that you might want to add to your atheist poetry page. It's very good, and is near the bottom of index page of my home site. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Record 13 Name: Joe Davis Website: Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Dublin, Ireland Time: 1999-01-24 01:50:23 Comments: Hi, It's great to have such easy connection to worldwide groups of non-believers, made possible by the Internet. It's also very heartening that so many contributors are willing to devote such an effort in keeping websites operating. Keep up the good work. Joe -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click here to visit site -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Learning Place SEARCH THE WEB Current Record Range Displayed is 22 to 13 Enter a Record Number Total No. of Guests 22 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------