Wanna Ride?

Howdy, y'all. I'm a truck driver with Arrow Trucking Company based in Tulsa. I plan to become a trainer for them and have students ride on my truck and learn the job, the company, etc., but until I'm eligible to be a trainer, you, YES Y O U!, have a chance to ride with me!

Damn, I can hardly believe this is still here in November, '06. Damn near got fired for this, they thought I was a "devil worshipper" (because of being atheist). Ha! Cheeky doo

My truck looks much like this one, except there are windows at the top of the condo. That's where YOUR bunk is. Yes, if you or someone you know would like some first hand experience of what's it's like to be an OTR (over the road) truck driver, here's your chance to experience some of the good, the bad and the ugly in the world of the American trucker. The good? Well there's all the beautiful scenery, like seeing the small villages far below from the mountaintops. The bad? Being told you have a hot load that MUST be there by 5AM sharp, only to find that you're still there at 3PM and they still haven't unloaded your truck yet. The ugly? In winter it can be VERY ugly, like a few weeks ago when I was going sideways down I-35 south of St. Paul, trying hard not to become one of the big trucks beside the interstate with their wheels in the air.

Understand that this is NOT an offer of employment, either from me or Arrow, nor is it a "road trip" for partying. To ride with me you must agree to not drink any alcoholic beverage nor possess, buy, sell or use any illegal substance until your period of riding with me is over. I have no desire to put my employment in jeopardy. You must be 18 or over, provide a copy of your driver license or birth certificate to verify age, provide a written statement from a doctor certifying that you are physically able to ride on the truck, and must sign whatever papers Arrow Trucking requires riders to sign (I will provide those).
You must be prepared to be on the road for at least 4 to 6 weeks or until we make it back to your area again. (Or, if you get off the truck before then, you must be able to get yourself back home again.) You should bring enough clothes to last at least 2 weeks. We should be able to have a laundry stop by then. You should bring either a comfy sleeping bag or sheets and blanket and pillow. You should bring a minimum of $10 for food for each day we will be out (30 days = $300.00). I can't afford to feed you, but I can assure you I won't let you starve. This is important too: You MUST either be a smoker or be willing to live with a heavy smoker in a very small space for weeks. I'm a smoker and that ain't gonna change anytime soon.

email: Email me but it will be weeks before I get home again to read it.
Of course you can email me in the truck and I'll get it immediately but PLEASE keep these notes very brief because it's expensive.
Alternate email: Jordan is a good friend and will get me the message if you leave your name and number and say you want to ride with me.
cell phone: 334-798-2227. If I don't answer, leave your name and number on my voicemail.

If you would be good enough to help me spread the word on the net (maybe give this page a link on your site?) that I'm looking for a rider I would much appreciate it.